Financial support for doctors and
medical students in Norfolk

Application for Hardship Support

The Society will consider offering financial support to members of the NBMS as follows:

  1. UEA Medical Students in financial hardship, during years 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the MBBS course. They must already be in receipt of a grant from the UEA Hardship Fund or UEA Access to Learning Fund (all UEA Medical Students are automatically enrolled as Student Members of the NBMS).
  2. Doctor members in training with financial difficulties causing hardship, to continue essential career development, i.e. courses or examinations.
  3. Doctor members with financial difficulties causing hardship to them and/or their dependents.
  4. Dependent family of deceased members, with financial difficulties causing hardship.


If you meet one of these hardship criteria and wish to be considered for support, please submit this form and select which of the four groups above that your application falls within. You will then be contacted to ask for further details.

It’s recommended that you submit your application online but if you don’t have an email address you can call 01603 751996 to support your application.

    Please complete all fields.

    Forename(s)/given name(s)

    Surname/family name

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    Society Rules

    View the rules of the Norfolk & Norwich Benevolent Medical Society.

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